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Feel what’s real.

Focuses the present instant.


Live life fully.

Body, mind and spirit in harmony.


No limitations.

An exclusive experience.

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We increasingly strive for calmness and wellbeing as an essential part of our lives. Both through traditional and state-of-the-art techniques, always naturally. Mindfulness, Wellness, Meditation, Relaxation… these now familiar concepts show us the path to follow in order to pursue a life free of stress and anxiety.

Often a word of consolation or a sweet melody is enough to bring joy to our lives. What if we could hear a calming word when we close our eyes? What if we could hear that song we loved so dearly when we were little, once again? Tibetan Singing Bowls embody that melody. Reducing tension, relaxing our bodies, and allowing our minds to rest.

That’s just what we need: deep rest, rejuvenating us with the energy we once had when we were children.
In just a few seconds, the vibrations bring the mind and spirit to another plane of perception and clarity, producing incomparable, immediate and long-lasting physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

OmRelax does not require any prior learning or training, and there’s no need for long sessions in uncomfortable positions. All you have to do is dedicate 30 minutes to yourself, at home, at work, in your business… The Singing Bowls do the work for you.

Let yourself be engulfed by the sounds of Tibetan Buddhist temples, where the true luxury is Wellbeing.

Our exclusive attention offers you a glimpse of “Shamballah,” the secret paradise of the Buddhist masters. Your body and mind will experience an incredible state of peace and relaxation, calm and clarity of thought, bringing out the best in you.

You will enjoy life more fully. Any stressful task you take on will become easier and more productive. Disconnect, be yourself. Allow yourself the luxury of taking a moment just for you. You will find the most absolute tranquility and the most serene calm inside of you.