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OmRelax wants to help your company or business stand out from the rest.


We provide you a means to leave a lasting impression on your clients and improve your employees’ performance. We will go to your place of business and, in just 30 minutes, help you improve efficiency and your clients’ satisfaction, increasing the value of your company far above the initial investment. Contact OmRelax and we’ll tell you all about the different options we offer for companies and hotels.


Feeling comfortable at work is essential for achieving excellence. OmRelax offers deep rest for your mind, freeing you from excessive stress at your workplace, in just 30 minutes. We are focused on achieving your main objective: maximum performance.



The most cutting-edge companies in the U.S. are now looking to mindfulness, providing employees with resources for relaxation and concentration, such as yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, etc. OmRelax offers you one of the most effective, efficient techniques: Sonotherapy, or Vibrational Massage.



OmRelax will come to your company or workplace. No prior training required or need to make an effort, the sound vibrations of the Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls will induce a state of calmness and wellbeing similar to Zen meditation in just 30 minutes, improving your concentration and performance for days. This is Wellness in its pure state.



Contact OmRelax and we will gladly tell you all about the different options we can offer your company.






When choosing hotel accommodations, most of us not only look for a good location or a specific category, we also usually want exclusive, top-quality bonuses: spaces with character, high quality cuisine, either traditional or innovative, personalized, pleasant attention and distinguished services, such as a small spa, fitness rooms, or wellness services.


Our exclusive Vibrational Massage, Sonotherapy, ManaKa, and other services with Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls will help your hotel stand out above the rest. And no need for expensive facilities or maintenance.


No prior learning or training necessary, no need to make an effort or hold difficult or uncomfortable physical positions. In just 30 minutes, the sound vibrations of Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls will induce a state of calmness and wellbeing similar to Zen meditation. This is the essence of Mindfulness and Wellness.


Nowadays, many people pursue alternative, natural or traditional therapies for physical and mental wellbeing. Tibetan singing bowls can achieve this quickly and easily.


Your clients will benefit from the pleasant, deep feeling of relaxation and rest offered by singing bowls. It is the ideal complement to a pleasant stay for leisure or after an intense day of work or meetings. It also provides the mind with the deep rest necessary to face the following workdays ahead with mental clarity and a positive spirit.


Make a difference. Contact OmRelax and give your clients the opportunity to enjoy a unique, exclusive, exceptionally high-quality service. Your clients won’t miss home. They’ll miss your hotel.