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About Us

OmRelax is a new concept of Wellness.


We believe that decreasing stress levels is currently one of the most important requirements for our health and wellbeing. With your comfort and tranquility in mind, OmRelax offers you personalized, exclusive treatments.


We can reach a high level of tranquility and wellbeing in a very short amount of time, without any physical or intellectual efforts. Easily.

Helping you feel good is our goal.


Our relaxation system combines ancient traditions with the most innovative techniques in Sonotherapy.

Music therapy techniques are now being applied in various areas of the most prestigious hospitals in our country, resulting in demonstrated improvements in the patients’ conditions and responses to conventional treatments. At OmRelax, we apply some of the most recent Sonotherapy research combined with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls and other especially harmonious instruments to quickly achieve a state of wellbeing.


Our basic treatment involves Sonotherapy and Vibrational Massage with Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls for relaxation. We also offer other effective techniques, which, together, offer an even greater degree of balance and harmony for your body and mind. At OmRelax, we are personally involved in your wellbeing. Call us and you’ll see the difference.

Mikel Gotzon Zubieta de Miguel
Vibrational Sound Therapist.
Telecommunications Technical Engineer.
Master in Design and Operation of UAVS.


I came to Madrid in 1983 to study Telecommunications Technical Engineering. I specialized in Image and Sound and graduated with a degree in Radio Communications.


I worked at one of the largest radio broadcast stations in Spain for 18 years, where I was in charge of broadcast sound quality.
But my love for “sound” dates back to my childhood and my relationship with my father, who was a musician. Hand in hand, he taught me about the traditional music of my homeland. He started to teach me about musical notes at the age of four and by the time I was five years old, I was learning how to play my first musical instrument, the accordion.
Then there were public concerts, with different kinds of musical groups. We always enjoyed bringing music to life, not just playing it: infusing music with emotion, giving it soul and sharing it with whoever was listening.


After certain personal experiences that allowed me to reconnect with myself, as I had been a bit of a mystic and isolated up until that time, a communion between music and spirituality became imminent.
In 2008, I participated in the Singing Bowls Therapy course held by the Biomusical Association of Vibrational Therapy in Valencia, part of the Spanish Association of Singing Bowl Therapy. It truly was such a unique, positive experience that I’m now sharing it with those around me, putting into practice what I’ve learned.
The results are so positive that I feel encouraged to continue pursuing this field, gaining experience and incorporating many diverse techniques, including: guided and group meditation, sound circles, didgeridoo and, more recently, martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong (Chi Kung), which are intended to balance and harmonize our interior with physical, spiritual and mental practices, also known as movement meditation.


In 2010, I decided to take another step forward and started performing vibrational massages, harmonizations, Chakra alignments, and other Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowl techniques, thereby offering my humble contribution to those who wish to improve their mood and physical and mental state.


The major advantage of relaxation with Tibetan singing bowls is that the person receiving the treatment does not need any kind of prior knowledge or experience in order to swiftly enter a deep state of tranquility and meditation. Thanks to Vibrational Massage, the combination of the sound and the therapist offer a calm state of meditation. Another fundamental advantage of music therapy, and consequently Vibrational Sonotherapy, is that there are no side effects. It does not interfere in any way with any medical/surgical treatment – it’s not only totally compatible, but also complements these treatments, offering physical and mental improvements and helping you overcome any difficult stage you may experience in life.


For me, that’s the greatest challenge: helping people feel better, even at especially difficult times in life.


Mikel G. Zubieta
Vibrational Sound Therapist

Gemma Rodríguez Izquierdo.
Vibrational Sound Therapist.
Degree in Nursing.
Advanced Technician of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Advanced Technician of Spagyric Homeopathy.
Diploma in Library and Information Science.


I’ve always had a relationship with the world of sound. I worked as a radio broadcaster for many years, learning that our voices not only provide information, but they can also communicate much more than any image.


A voice can be warm and close – it can touch us where images can’t. Sound has therefore always been an essential part of my world, in all its realms, which is why I’ve worked with my voice in so many different professions: radio announcer, nurse, telemarketing phone operator, sales representative, etc.
I’m not only interested in sound; alternative therapies are also an important part of my life. I’ve studied traditional Chinese medicine, Spagyric homeopathy, laser therapy, phytotherapy, etc., and of course singing bowl therapy. Together with my healthcare knowledge as a nurse, this experience allows me to go further in-depth with each individual case, providing holistic, professional assessments.


I am continuously immersed in the process of furthering my knowledge and keeping up-to-date in these fields, in order to evolve and improve every day.


Below is an outline of my résumé, which shows that helping others with my voice and sound is my life.



Gemma Rodríguez Izquierdo
Vibrational Sound Therapist
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