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OmRelax treatments offer you the very essence of wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Recalling the Greek maxim “men sana in corpore sano,” we want you to be healthy not only in the body, but also in the mind, healing your soul.

Our exclusive treatments can be adapted to your needs. Ask about which treatment is right for you. You’ll see that health and wellbeing are within your reach. With OmRelax, you’ll discover that it’s not only easy to be well, but also to feel well.

Singing Bowl Therapy

Water. The most abundant, important element:


75% of the Earth’s surface is water. We are 90% water when we are born.


Sound vibrations travel five times faster in water than in the air. Therefore, our body is a wonderful receiver and transmitter for vibrational sound waves produced by singing bowls.


Before being born, we are immersed in a liquid world. We perceive the outside through the vibrations transmitted through the amniotic liquid where we float placidly, in the absolute serenity offered by maternal protection. Can you imagine feeling that sense of security and absolute calm, thanks to the calming vibrations transmitted by Tibetan singing bowls to your body?


Discovering the child inside you will allow you to recover the energy and strength necessary to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual life. No need to learn anything or make any additional efforts. Just enjoy. It’s the essence of Mindfulness and Wellness.


Contact OmRelax and we will bring the exclusive, restorative experience of singing bowl therapy to your home, business or favorite location. All you need is to dedicate 30 minutes to your wellbeing to feel the difference. Calm – mentally and physically rested, with a clear mind, you’ll find yourself feeling wonderful and able to successfully take on any tasks that lie ahead. Enjoy the moment, and keep that feeling for days.



Acupuncture or TCM

The wisdom of a tradition with 4,000 years of experience, plus continuous learning.


Specific points on the body connected to energy meridians are stimulated with very fine needles. The needles are intended to restore the harmonious flow of the “Qi” life energy of your entire being (called “Prana” or “Fuerza Vital” in other cultures), circulating throughout these channels, in order to revitalize or maintain good health. This ancient Chinese technique can help eradicate acute illnesses, for example back pain, as well as chronic or incapacitating conditions, such as asthma.


The West is now looking towards the East, where countries like China have prestigious hospitals exclusively dedicated to these techniques, and combining them with modern Western practices. They can therefore offer greater benefits for patients by treating their illnesses more successfully with no side effects and at a lower cost for conventional medicine. The WHO (World Health Organization) published a list of health conditions for which acupuncture may be prescribed, especially recommended for the highly effective treatment of chronic and acute pain.


Let OmRelax bring the exclusive, restorative experience of acupuncture to your home, business or favorite location. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll feel really good in our care.



Manaka Method
Método Manaka

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries in Japan, like the rest of the Far East. But the Japanese people’s inherent interest in continuously innovating and improving is not merely limited to technology. It also clearly applies to what is truly important: our health.


Also known as painless acupuncture, this method created by Doctor Yoshio Manaka simplifies conventional acupuncture techniques. This painless treatment uses very few needles that are placed very close to the surface. This allows us to get to the root of the problem, balancing energies, and healing completely. You can see major progress in just one 30-minute session.


Contact OmRelax and we will bring the exclusive, restorative experience of Doctor Manaka’s extraordinarily effective acupuncture treatment to your home, business or favorite location, with amazing results. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll feel really good in our care.



Laser Therapy

Today, physical therapists for elite athletes around the world use laser light to accelerate the healing process for musculoskeletal injuries (sprains, tendinitis, traumatisms, etc.), as it promotes the regeneration of muscle, nerve and bone structure.


The application of laser light also helps with chronic conditions (e.g.: osteoarthritis) and degenerative conditions, among others, decreasing inflammation and pain. It is 100% painless since it does not break the surface of the skin and its effectiveness has been widely demonstrated. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, our laser equipment meets all the safety standards and measures required for clinical use.


Furthermore, OmRelax uses lasers pulsating at different frequencies, designed for application to different meridians and acupuncture points. This is quite useful to substitute for needles in especially uncomfortable places or areas where they can’t be placed, resulting in a similar effect in a much more comfortable way.


OmRelax combines ancient traditions with the most advanced technology, thereby offering you the best possible results for your health. We will bring everything you need to your home, business or favorite location to make you feel a whole lot better in just 30 minutes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Contact OmRelax and take advantage of our offer to receive the most exclusive care for your Wellness.



Spagyric Homeopathy
Homeopatía espagírica

Two concepts whose origins go hand-in-hand.


Spagyric Alchemy, or Minor Alchemy, is “the art of separating the pure from the impure” through remedies found in nature. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, it is known today thanks to Andalusian traditions.


Homeopathy is the art of diluting the essential extract of a plant to an infinitesimal degree. Therefore, there are no contraindications and it is safe for the elderly and children. OmRelax uses medicinal plants to offer solutions to your problems. These remedies allow us to heal not only thanks to the essence of the plant itself, but also the information we provide, leading to your harmonization and balance. Spagyric homeopathy generally works similarly to a vaccine: the extract of a plant that would normally aggravate the problem if given in large quantities is used for treatment, however, the correct dose and high degree of dilution have the opposite effect. Our bodies react in a natural way to reestablish balance, without any side effects.


Contact OmRelax and discover the ancient tradition of Spagyrics. No contraindications. We use only the purest plants to help us restore balance.


Sound Baths
Baños sonoros

Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls are the stars of our vibrational concerts at OmRelax. These beautiful sounds do not form melodies when used, but rather inundate the space with relaxing, harmonizing vibrations. Based on the principle of resonance, a molecular structure may adapt to another structure from the signal it is receiving. If these vibrations are in tune with harmony, relaxation, healing, etc. our molecules will acquire that pattern.


These so-called “Sound Baths” can be compared to collective meditation, where space, bodies and minds echo in unison, creating powerful, relaxing, restorative energy.


You’ll see how you are literally surrounded by sound, seemingly coming from different points and creating a vibration bubble that instantaneously eases your mind. Just like a cleansing bath revitalizes your body and relaxes your mind, “Sound Baths” clean any negative energy from your mind, soul and the space where the treatment takes place.


Contact OmRelax. Don’t miss out on this exceptional experience, which will make you feel rejuvenated, positive and happy. Remember: true success lies in achieving happiness.